Liners & Guards

SPCP LINERS & GUARDS are available in 3 variations: Extra Length Light, Extra Length and Classic Style. These plastic backed adult incontinence liners and guards are for light to moderate bladder leakage. The patent pending 3D nonwoven provides a silky soft feel and absorbs much faster. They provide secure protection in a thin and lightweight product while maintaining superior strength that will not bunch or tear.


BOOST UPS are available in 3 variations: Moderate, Maximum and Ultimate. These disposable boost up pads are designed to add extra absorbency, protection and comfort inside disposable briefs, undergarments and protective underwear. They are barrier-free, offer moderate to heavy protection and have a contoured shape.

Featured collection

  • Light Pads: Regular with Wings
  • Booster Pads Ultra
  • Ultimate Boost Ups
  • Underpads
  • Extra Length Guards Light

Why Secure?

If you, a loved one, or someone you are caring for is searching for a complete, round the clock solution, the array of SPCP adult care products are designed and created to help individuals feel secure and in control. We focus on three main principles when designing and creating our adult incontinence products.